Sunday, 17 November 2013


I have SO many requests about doing a room tour so I thought I do a little mini look onto my room. I am thinking about doing a youtube video on my room, so I can properly explain it, but for now, here are some images of my favorite parts of my room.

I think my room is just a bit of a clutter of books, school work, candles and clothes. I moved into this room when I was just starting secondary school, so nearly 6 years now. Since then I have redecorated it a tiny bit, and added some furniture but I think, right now, it is at the point where I am really happy with it.

These photos were all taken on my iPhone 5 so I am so sorry if the quality isn't that great. If you want to know where any of the items are, please just comment and I will be happy to say :)


Wednesday, 13 November 2013


I have been so caught up in school work its untrue! Thinking about the fact that this time in two years I will be uni scares me so much - trying so so hard to up my UCAS points to help me! If anyone has any tips on getting into uni, please let me know I'd be so grateful.

I am so sorry that this post isn't a room tour like I said it would be, but I have been rearranging my room and truth be told, its such a mess right now, oops! Heres some piccys of my life lately, been pretty boring since it has mainly been school related by ho hum.

Lovely coffee and brownie in Pizza express for dessert after we watch Gravity which was incredible defiantly a 5/5

My GORGEOUS Deliah Dust necklaces I got sent in the post and I am so happy with them! (will be doing a post about these soon) Their website is here

I have found out I am now a prefect at my school which is amazing! Although A-Levels are seriously stressing me out - so much work! Should probably go and do some of it now so I at least have some free time in the evening.


Happy Halloween!

I don't celebrate halloween too much, but I had a little celebration with my best friend Leila. We decided to get dressed up a little, eat and watch horror movies all night, and it turned out to be a perfectly relaxing night.

The make-up I wore was very 'gothy' and I actually did a YouTube video on it (links in tabs above) because it was very different to what I usually go for. My new laptop basically meant we took loads of photos on the photobooth which was hilarious! Here are some photos from my night:

next post is going to be my room tour! Hope you enjoyed this little, informal one hehehe 

Aimee xx