Friday, 27 December 2013


The time has finally come! I had such a wonderful time spent with my closest family, and got spoilt rotten ( a post on my presents to come soon..) but its been clouded by the prospect of revision since I have my A-Level mocks in January! Here are some home snaps of my christmas ..

Christmas eve dinner, typically Danish - my favorite 

Rosé champange my brother brought for us and juleol a danish christmas beer with our meal 
DEVINE marzipan and nougat ring my Mum makes every year - so...damn...good

New hair curlers! So happy with it, the curls are so natural and bouncy :D

Christmas tree, so beautifully decorated. My new cardigan I adore from my Mum.

Hope you all had a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! 

Aimée xx

Sunday, 17 November 2013


I have SO many requests about doing a room tour so I thought I do a little mini look onto my room. I am thinking about doing a youtube video on my room, so I can properly explain it, but for now, here are some images of my favorite parts of my room.

I think my room is just a bit of a clutter of books, school work, candles and clothes. I moved into this room when I was just starting secondary school, so nearly 6 years now. Since then I have redecorated it a tiny bit, and added some furniture but I think, right now, it is at the point where I am really happy with it.

These photos were all taken on my iPhone 5 so I am so sorry if the quality isn't that great. If you want to know where any of the items are, please just comment and I will be happy to say :)


Wednesday, 13 November 2013


I have been so caught up in school work its untrue! Thinking about the fact that this time in two years I will be uni scares me so much - trying so so hard to up my UCAS points to help me! If anyone has any tips on getting into uni, please let me know I'd be so grateful.

I am so sorry that this post isn't a room tour like I said it would be, but I have been rearranging my room and truth be told, its such a mess right now, oops! Heres some piccys of my life lately, been pretty boring since it has mainly been school related by ho hum.

Lovely coffee and brownie in Pizza express for dessert after we watch Gravity which was incredible defiantly a 5/5

My GORGEOUS Deliah Dust necklaces I got sent in the post and I am so happy with them! (will be doing a post about these soon) Their website is here

I have found out I am now a prefect at my school which is amazing! Although A-Levels are seriously stressing me out - so much work! Should probably go and do some of it now so I at least have some free time in the evening.


Happy Halloween!

I don't celebrate halloween too much, but I had a little celebration with my best friend Leila. We decided to get dressed up a little, eat and watch horror movies all night, and it turned out to be a perfectly relaxing night.

The make-up I wore was very 'gothy' and I actually did a YouTube video on it (links in tabs above) because it was very different to what I usually go for. My new laptop basically meant we took loads of photos on the photobooth which was hilarious! Here are some photos from my night:

next post is going to be my room tour! Hope you enjoyed this little, informal one hehehe 

Aimee xx

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

tartan scarfs and red lipstick

Hello again:) I have been posting a lot recently to put off doing any of my college work. This cosy weather makes me want to stay in bed all day and do nothing at all. 

Yesterday me and my younger sister Amber went shopping and although I only purchased a few items, I am so so happy with them. 

My make-up: 
♡ Foundation - Bourjois Healthy mix ♡ Eyes - Maybelline colour tattoo in 'on and on bronze' ♡ Lipstick -  Rimmel London Kate Moss in 01

♡ Scarf and hat - Primark ♡ Elephant top - Urban Outfitters 
I actually only just purchased my Bourjois foundation as I do not really wear any face make-up other than BB cream so this is my first proper one. I have heard so many good things about it and my sister ( actually recommended it to me, and I trust her as she is very much into make-up. 

I have wanted a tartan scarf for a long time, its one of those quintessential winter items that I have never owned. Many of the highstreet shops have their own variations of them, but I went for Primark as there colour my favoured on and as it only cost £5, it would be stupid not to buy it. The hat I am wearing was a bit of a random buy. I have always been a fan of hats and this looked like one of those items I would wear  a lot in the winter season (and it only cost me £2) 

On my tumblr, I have had so many requests about doing a room tour, so soon I will post some photos of my room for you all :) it will obviously not be very detailed, but doing a video tour would take ages! 

Hope you enjoyed this post. 

Aimée xx

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Lunch with Amber

Tasty chicken baguette and seasoned fries

Literally my favourite dessert ever - raspberry mousse, raspberry and vanilla ice-cream with blueberries and strawberries 
Today me and my younger sister Amber went for a lunch date in our local Caffe Rouge. The food there is gorgeous and not too expensive so if you have never been, I totally recommend it!


The weather was quite chilly so I wrapped up moderately warm. I enjoy autumn and winter so much due to the fact you can layer your clothing and mix and match summer items with winter ones. The outfit I wore today was perfect for walking around the shops and staying warm since we had to take quite a long ride bus home.

♡ Boots / jumper / watch / necklace - all next
♡ Disco pants - 
♡ Denim jacket - vintage 
♡ Bag - topshop 

Not sure if you can tell in these photos, but I actually crimped my hair using a Babyliss Wave Envy which gives 'crimp' like waves to your hair. I would totally recommend it as it is super easy to use and doesn't take that long if you're not doing the whole head in very small sections, obviously. This outfit was super comfy and perfect to go shopping in. The bag I am carrying is actually my new favourite, even though you can't particularly see it in these photos; it is my school bad and is perfect for every occasion in my eyes  (I am working on a video atm which includes this)


After we ate out for lunch we had a pop round the shops and I brought a few items I am actually very happy with, and as I was on a small budget, I was surprised with how much I actually got - I will do a separate blog post for this :)

We of course had to end the day with two gorgeous Starbucks Chai Lattes

Hope you enjoyed this post and are all having a lovely week

Aimée xx

Monday, 28 October 2013


♡ Jumper - H&M 
♡ Jeans - Urban Outfitters 
♡ Bag - Primark 
♡ Bracelets - Stall in Brighton
♡ Nail Varnish - Topshop / Venus Fly Trap

Haven't ventured out today due to the storm that hit London last night, but this is the outfit I wore yesterday when I went to have breakfast with my family in Ikea - it has become my second home now:) Today will consist of watching films, listening to music and eating a lot; perks of half term 

Chicago town subs and Made in Chelsea = perfection
Hope you all have a great day

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Coats and boots

Recently I purchased two amazing autumn/winter pieces. Both gorgeous yet conventional, and just what I needed for the colder months. I usually have quite a minimalistic sense of fashion, and prefer to stick to plain prints instead of bold, eye-catching ones. These two pieces do reflect this, but I think that although quite plain, I will wear them constantly so are worth the money.

Black leather boots with gold buckle and zip detailing from Next

Black shearling lined longline biker jacket from River Island

A lot of the shops on the high-street have amazing clothing ranges coming out for autumn/ winter which is one of the reasons I love these two seasons so much. Right now the weather is not too cold, but I am preparing for the worst as London is suppose to have the coldest winter in many years, so I look forward to that:)

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, if you want me to do any particular posts please comment down below and I will be sure to do them. 

Aimée xx