Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Lunch with Amber

Tasty chicken baguette and seasoned fries

Literally my favourite dessert ever - raspberry mousse, raspberry and vanilla ice-cream with blueberries and strawberries 
Today me and my younger sister Amber went for a lunch date in our local Caffe Rouge. The food there is gorgeous and not too expensive so if you have never been, I totally recommend it!


The weather was quite chilly so I wrapped up moderately warm. I enjoy autumn and winter so much due to the fact you can layer your clothing and mix and match summer items with winter ones. The outfit I wore today was perfect for walking around the shops and staying warm since we had to take quite a long ride bus home.

♡ Boots / jumper / watch / necklace - all next
♡ Disco pants - boohoo.com 
♡ Denim jacket - vintage 
♡ Bag - topshop 

Not sure if you can tell in these photos, but I actually crimped my hair using a Babyliss Wave Envy which gives 'crimp' like waves to your hair. I would totally recommend it as it is super easy to use and doesn't take that long if you're not doing the whole head in very small sections, obviously. This outfit was super comfy and perfect to go shopping in. The bag I am carrying is actually my new favourite, even though you can't particularly see it in these photos; it is my school bad and is perfect for every occasion in my eyes  (I am working on a video atm which includes this)


After we ate out for lunch we had a pop round the shops and I brought a few items I am actually very happy with, and as I was on a small budget, I was surprised with how much I actually got - I will do a separate blog post for this :)

We of course had to end the day with two gorgeous Starbucks Chai Lattes

Hope you enjoyed this post and are all having a lovely week

Aimée xx


  1. Gorgeous outfit! + I love Cafe Rouge as well :) x