Sunday, 27 October 2013

Coats and boots

Recently I purchased two amazing autumn/winter pieces. Both gorgeous yet conventional, and just what I needed for the colder months. I usually have quite a minimalistic sense of fashion, and prefer to stick to plain prints instead of bold, eye-catching ones. These two pieces do reflect this, but I think that although quite plain, I will wear them constantly so are worth the money.

Black leather boots with gold buckle and zip detailing from Next

Black shearling lined longline biker jacket from River Island

A lot of the shops on the high-street have amazing clothing ranges coming out for autumn/ winter which is one of the reasons I love these two seasons so much. Right now the weather is not too cold, but I am preparing for the worst as London is suppose to have the coldest winter in many years, so I look forward to that:)

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, if you want me to do any particular posts please comment down below and I will be sure to do them. 

Aimée xx


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  2. Love the coat it looks so warm and cosy!

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